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Some of the best mountain walking country in Australia is found in the Alps. Some tracks are suitable for day and weekend family walks. Others are long, rough and challenging, requiring a degree of bushwalking skill and stamina. Further information from a local office should be sought before embarking on any of the walks.

The related publications below detail trails with maps, distances and approximate times.

Due to the more remote nature of this park, walkers must be self sufficient with food, water, first aid and camping gear, and be skilled in the use of maps and compass.

Walkers and hikers should also be aware that the weather can deteriorate suddenly and without warning, and snow can fall at any time of year, including mid-summer. Don't hesitate to turn back if the trip becomes too difficult or the weather deteriorates.

Be sure to check the advice on safety and regulations before walking or hiking in the park.

Hiking guidlines

  • Stay on track - prevent trampling.
  • Let someone know your travel plans before you go.
  • Use a fuel stove - it’s better for the bush.
  • Carry it in, carry it out; don’t bury or burn it.
  • Leave hike-in campsites as you find them.
  • Carry out human waste where possible, otherwise bury human waste 15 cm deep, 100m from water and campsites.