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The Baw Baw Plateau features extensive sub-alpine woodlands dominated by Snow Gum with a scrubby understorey of Mueller’s Bush-pea, Alpine Pepper and Dusty Daisy-bush. Wet alpine heathlands and thick spongy beds of sphagnum moss surround clear pools of water.

With such a diverse array of plants these heathlands provide a spectacular display of wildflowers in season.

The upper slopes of the range support tall open forests of Alpine Ash, Shining Gum and Tingaringy Gum.

At lower altitudes tall forests of Mountain Ash, Messmate and Silver Wattle grow and are often shrouded in mist. Pockets of cool temperate rainforest with a lush understorey of ferns flourish within the sheltered gullies.

Due to the rain shadow created by the Baw Baw’s, the Thomson and Aberfeldy River valleys are dominated by dry forests of Silvertop, Messmate and Peppermints with an open understorey of small shrubs, grasses and bracken.