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Short walks or longer hikes are some of the best ways to explore the park. There are many kilometres of walking tracks traversing pristine sub-alpine plant communities and unique landscapes.

Walkers and hikers should be aware that the weather can deteriorate suddenly and without warning. Don't hesitate to turn back if the trip becomes too difficult or the weather deteriorates. Be sure to wear strong footwear, pack a snack, carry drinking water and a jacket.

Popular tracks in the park include:

Australian Alps Walking Track

Beginning in the old gold mining town of Walhalla and ending near Canberra, the 650 kilometre trail embraces the best of the Alps; the countries highest peaks, snow-capped mountains and plains, cattlemen’s huts, tall forests, snow gum woodlands and many historic sites.

Be sure to check the advice on safety and regulations before walking or hiking in the park.

Hiking guidlines

  • Stay on track - prevent trampling.
  • Let someone know your travel plans before you go.
  • Use a fuel stove - it’s better for the bush.
  • Carry it in, carry it out; don’t bury or burn it.
  • Leave hike-in campsites as you find them.
  • Carry out human waste where possible, otherwise bury human waste 15 cm deep, 100m from water and campsites.