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Black Range State Park has more than 260 native vascular plant species (plants with conducting tissue) and nine rare or threatened plant species including Mount Byron Bush-pea, Large-leaf Ray-flower, Small Milkwort and Grampians Bossiaea.

Black Range's flora is similar in character to that of the Grampians.

Common plant species also found in the park include:

  • Yellow Box
  • River Red Gum
  • Messmate
  • Port Jackson Pine
  • Flame Heath
  • Heath Tea-tree
  • Honey-pots
  • Weeping Grass.


Black Range State Park is home to many important native animals including eight threatened species and the near-threatened Heath Mouse.

Large populations of the Red-necked Wallaby and Eastern and Western Grey Kangaroo are found in the park.

Over 100 bird species have been recorded in the park, five of which are rare or threatened, including Brolga, Royal Spoonbill, Freckled Duck, Pied Cormorant and White-bellied Sea Eagle.

Amphibians and reptiles and a number of significant butterfly species have also been observed in the park.