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Self Guided Trail

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Short walk

The self guided walk departs from the Telford Picnic Area and passes through heathland as well as picturesque ponds.

Accessibility Information

The Self Guided Trail is best accessed from either the Robin or Magpie carparks. Both have two disabled bays at the half way point of the carpark.

The trail is best done in reverse, taking the left hand fork at the trail information sign.

Accessible section

The first 200 metres is a wide, flat and hard packed gravel path leading to two ponds. Both ponds give a great view of the local water birds. Beyond the first two ponds the trail becomes narrower and the two small wooden bridges would require some assistance as both surfaces are not suitable for the standard front casters of most wheelchairs.

Gravel path  wooden bridge
Above left: wide, flat, hard packed gravel path. Above right: One of the two wooden bridges




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A group from Blind Sports visited this park and had a great walk and a lovely BBQ despite the rain.

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