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The Brisbane Ranges offers a fantastic variety of walking opportunities through a range of habitats. The tracks offer several alternative routes from Anakie Gorge and Stony Creek Picnic Areas.

Anakie Gorge walk

3 km, 1 hour (one way)

Starting from either picnic area, this walk leads through Anakie Gorge along a relatively flat gradient. Signs explain interesting features along the way.

A pipeline carrying water from Lower Stony Creek Reservoir, constructed in the 1870s to service Geelong, can be seen in places.

Nelsons Track intersects the Anakie Gorge Walk 2km (40 minutes) from Stony Creek Picnic Area and 1km (20 minutes) from Anakie Gorge Picnic Area.

Ted Errey Nature Circuit

8 km, 3 hours (return)

The late Mr Edmund George “Ted” Errey was a past president and respected member of the Geelong Field Naturalist Club. A gifted teacher, Ted was passionate about the flora of the Brisbane Ranges.

Leaving the Stony Creek Picnic Area, the walk climbs steadily over a saddle, descends to cross a broad watercourse and climbs steadily once again to join a management vehicle track (Outlook Track).

A short walk to the east reveals a lookout with panoramic views over much of the Stony Creek Water Catchment. Following Outlook Track to the West, the walk meanders through heathy woodland before crossing Switch Road and entering Aqueduct and Nelson Tracks.

There are two excellent lookouts along this section of the walk. The walk drops quickly to join the Anakie Gorge Walk allowing walkers to access the Anakie Gorge or Stony Creek Picnic Areas.

Wadawurrung walk

2.5 km, 1 hour (return)

This walk offers excellent views of Anakie Gorge over the Stony Creek Water Catchment. Starting from the Stony Creek Picnic Area, the walk heads towards Lower Stony Creek Reservoir before climbing sharply east towards Switch Road. Turn right and follow Switch Road back to Stony Creek Picnic Area. Along the way there are great views of the You Yangs and Anakie Gorge.

The Burchell Trail

3 day walk

For the more adventurous, the Burchell Trail is a great way to see both the Steiglitz Historic Park and Brisbane Ranges National Park. Starting from the Steiglitz Courthouse or the Boar Gully Camping Area, the walk follows orange track markers and uses existing walks, management tracks and public roads.

Overnight camps are located at the Old Mill and Little River Bush Camping sites.

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