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Access to the Buchan Caves Reserve is via a sealed single lane service road, suitable for vehicles and large buses, that leads to the visitor amenities, camping area, day visitor areas and the caves. 


Parking is available for small buses and standard vehicles. There is a designated disabled parking bay outside the Buchan Caves Visitor Information Centre designed for side and rear disembarking and has a surface of compacted small gravel.

Designated disabled parking bay 

There is also a designated disabled parking bay outside the public amenities block that services the main camping area. This parking bay allows for side and rear disembarking and has a surface of compacted crushed rock.

Visitor parking near the entrances to Royal Cave and Fairy Cave is very limited. There are no designated disabled parking bays in these carparks. 

Visitor Information Centre

The entrance to Visitor Information Centre is just metres away from a designated disabled parking bay. The entrance to the Visitor Information Centre has manual double doors, making the building easy to access for wider wheelchairs and strollers.

Visitor Information Centre entrance 

Once inside there is adequate room for manoeuvrability of wheelchairs and strollers. The cave information display inside the centre is accessible for wheelchairs and so is the small store where visitors purchase their cave tickets.

Visitor Information Centre interior 

Picnic areas 

There are a range of picnic areas located in the reserve and are generally located within a few metres of the carparks. Most of the picnic facilities are situated on flat lawn areas that have a hard base, making them easy to access when in a wheelchair or using strollers. Unfortunately, due to the age of the picnic tables, most do not have sufficient space to allow wheelchairs or strollers underneath the table top.

Buchan reserve picnic area 

There are two fully accessible picnic tables  located on the lawn opposite the Visitor Information Centre. There are several free, easily accessible, electric-powered barbecues that are located close to the picnic tables.

Picnic area with shelter 

Information shelter 


There is a unisex accessible toilet and shower located in the main public amenities block that services the camping area.

Public amenities block 

The unisex toilet and shower has a separate entrance and the nearest accessible parking is about 50 metres away.

Accessible toilet 

The entrance to the accessible toilet and shower has a sliding door. There is adequate room for manoeuvrability in the toilet/shower area for most wheelchairs. The toilet has a grab rail on the left side wall.

Toilet cubicle 

The shower base has no lip, allowing wheelchairs full access. The shower has a horizontal grab rail, a vertical grab rail and a shower nozzle that can be detached from the wall. There is no shower seat but a shower commode chair can be borrowed from the Visitor Information Centre.  

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