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Medium walk / Day walk
Short walk

Buchan Caves Reserve boasts an impressive system of walking tracks. For the short easy walks, all you need are sturdy shoes with good tread and comfortable clothing.
For the longer and more demanding walks such as Reserve and Granite Pools Tracks, a reasonable level of fitness, good boots and plenty of water are recommended.

For your safety please remain on the walking tracks.

The following walks are detailed further in the related publications below.

  • Spring Creek Walk (1.5 hrs, 3 km return)
  • Moon Hill Walk (0.5 hr, 0.5 km return)
  • Caves Reserve Track (2 hrs, 4 km return)
  • Granite Pools Walk (2.5 hrs, 4 km return)
  • F J Wilson Walk (4km return)

Accessibility Information

There are a range of trails to explore in the Buchan Caves reserve.  The majority of these are not suitable for standard-type wheelchairs due to the hilly terrain and trail surfaces.

However, a motorised, all-terrain wheelchair called a TrailRider is available for visitors to explore some of these spectacular trails.

Further information about all-terrain wheelchairs.