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Some parks currently have closures due to fire activity.

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Culture and heritage

The Bunurong Aboriginal people were the custodians of this stretch of coast for thousands of years prior to European settlement. Five clans made up the Bunurong tribe. The Yowenjerre clan occupied the area west from the Tarwin River and quarried the outcrops of volcanic roads which they fashioned into axeheads and which they traded with neighbouring tribes. Middens containing charcoal and shellfish mark the location of their campsites along the coast. These are important cultural sites and are protected to ensure this important part of Australian history is respected and maintained.

In 1797, George Bass set sail from Sydney in a whaleboat to explore the southern mainland coast. He discovered and named the first natural harbour and the strait that bares this name. On his journey that resulted in the discovery of Western Port, he passed by this area.