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A number of rare and endangered species of plants grow in the Pine Mountain area. These include:

  • the rare phantom wattle - found only here and in Dora Dora State Forest, NSW
  • Pine Mountain grevillea and branching grevillea
  • Black cypress-pines and kurrajongs grow on the dry rocky slopes.

The vegetation of the Mount Burrowa block is diverse. Snow gums are found on the highest peaks and patches of alpine ash in high sheltered areas. Peppermint and gum-barked eucalypts occur at lower altitudes. The high rainfall of this block (averaging 1000 mm per year) supports wet forest flora, including numerous ferns in the deep gullies.


Animal life is abundant and varied. There are:

  • Swamp Wallabies
  • Eastern Grey Kangaroos
  • Common Wombats
  • Greater Gliders

Over 180 bird species have been recorded in the park including:

  • several species of honeyeater
  • Brown Thornbills
  • White-Throated Tree Creepers
  • Crimson Rosellas
  • Gang Gang Cockatoos
  • Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos
  • Yellow Robins,
  • Spotted Pardalotes
  • Rainbow Bee-Eaters (which migrate here from northern Australia in summer)