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Aura Vale Lake (Henleys Picnic Area)

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Located north of Cardinia Reservoir, Aura Vale Lake plays a very important role in Melbourne's water supply. The lake forms part of a drainage system designed to channel run-off water from neighbouring properties and roads, and stop it entering the main reservoir. This system prevents polluted water from affecting the quality of our drinking water.

Over the past years Aura Vale Lake Park has become a popular venue for boating activities including sailboarding and canoeing and for other small non-powered boats up to 3.3 metres. Swimming is not permitted due to poor water quality and submerged objects.

The park is open 10am to 6pm during daylight saving time.


Dogs are permitted on a lead at Cardinia Reservoir Park and Aura Vale Lake Picnic Area. Dogs are prohibited along the Kangaroo Viewing Trail in Cardinia Reservoir Park.

Accessibility Information

Aura Vale Lake is approximately 2 kilometres further towards Emerald on Wellington Road. The main access area is the Henley Picnic Park.

Two designated disabled parking bays are available next to the unisex accessible toilet.

The picnic tables provided are standard tables, they do not have an accessible end or side.

The paths down to the lake edge are sealed paths of a gentle gradient giving access to the waters edge. Kerb cuts are not provided out of the car park onto the pathways.

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