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  • Neds Gully Campground and Neds Gully pedestrian suspension bridge are temporarily closed until further notice. Northern circuit tracks can be accessed from Little River Track via Cooks Mill Campground. Alternative camping is available at Cooks Mill Campground at Neds Gully Camping Area, Thursday 30 May, 2019
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Medium walk / Day walk
Rock climbing/abseiling
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Camp fires
  • walking - park

    Walking Tracks South Jawbone Track10 min - MediumWalk south through The Farmyard in the direction of Sugarloaf Peak. South Jawbone Track is signposted on the left and leads to South Jawbone Peak.Neds…

  • rockclimb

    Rock climbing There are rock climbing areas in the park for all levels of ability from the beginners’ area at The Boulders near Sugarloaf Saddle to the many challenging climbing routes on…

  • camping

    The Farmyard Access This campground is accessible to hikers only. It is located off the unsealed Razorback Ridge Track at the base of South Jawbone Peak. Bookings No booking or fees. Camping…

  • Resting at Neds Gully

    Neds Gully Camping Area This walk-in camping area is family friendly and located by Little River.AccessThe camping area is located by crossing the bridge off Little River Road towards Neds Gully Track. The campground…

  • camping - family

    Cooks Mill This shady campground is located among tall trees on the banks of Little River.AccessThe camping area is located at the start of Lowerson Track off Little River Road just before…

  • family picnic at table - metro park

    Sugarloaf Saddle Day Visitor Area Park information, picnic ground, parking and toilets are available at Sugarloaf Saddle. Starting point for walks such as Canyon Track and Wells Cave Track, see park note below for more…