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Medium walk / Day walk
Short walk

South Jawbone Track

10 min - Medium

Walk south through The Farmyard in the direction of Sugarloaf Peak. South Jawbone Track is signposted on the left and leads to South Jawbone Peak.

Neds Peak Track

15 mins - Medium

Neds Peak Track leads from Neds Saddle to Neds Peak.

North Jawbone Track

20 mins - Medium

This track branches from Jawbone Creek Track just below The Farmyard and leads to North Jawbone Peak.

Canyon Track

30 mins - Hard

This track climbs from Sugarloaf Saddle to Sugarloaf Peak. Although not easy, it is less challenging than the Wells Cave approach.

Wells Cave Track

30 mins - Very Hard

This track also climbs from Sugarloaf Saddle to Sugarloaf Peak, the highest point on the range, but is a more challenging approach. Avoid this track if you are uncomfortable in high open and exposed places. Not recommended for backpackers.Recommended as an ascent route only.

Little River Track

40 mins - Easy

This is an easy walk along the river between Neds Gully and Cooks Mill.

Saint Bernards Track

45 mins - Medium

This track starts at Cooks Mill and leads to Jawbone Carpark and Jawbone Creek Track.

Cathedral Peak Track

45 mins - Hard

Rises steeply from Neds Saddle in a westerly direction to the southern slope of Cathedral Peak, and then heads north to the peak. From here, continue north along the ridge (Ridge Track) to the junction with Little Cathedral Track. Continue to Little Cathedral or return to Neds Saddle along the Little Cathedral Track.

The Friends Nature Trail

1 hr - Easy

This is a well formed, easy circuit through Manna Gum forest. Follow the signs from Cooks Mill.

Neds Gully Track

1 hr - Medium

Starts near the camping area and leads up Neds Gully to Neds Saddle. From Neds Saddle the tracks lead to Cathedral Peak, Little Cathedral, Neds Peak and The Farmyard.

Jawbone Creek Track

1 hr - Medium

This track starts at Jawbone Carpark on the Cerberus Road and climbs steeply to The Farmyard. The added challenge is to count the number of steps.

Little Cathedral Track

1 hr - Hard

Head north from Neds Saddle Carpark to Little Cathedral Peak.

Ridge Track

2 hrs - Hard

This track travels along the ridgeline from The Farmyard to Cathedral and Little Cathedral Peaks. It crosses exposed rocky outcrops. Look for markers to help keep to the track.

Razorback Track

2 hrs - Hard

This track links The Farmyard to Sugarloaf Peak. It crosses exposed rocky outcrops. Look for the markers to help you keep to the track.