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Plant life includes 20 different eucalypt species, 14 species of wattles and 12 types of native orchids. Wildflowers are abundant in spring. The park is an excellent place to learn how to distinguish some of the common eucalypts and wattles of the Melbourne area.


Churchill National Park has an amazing variety of birdlife. A total of 172 species have been recorded in the park. The birds are attracted by the different types of food and environments: woodlands, forest, the lake and grassy open spaces.

Some of the recorded birds include:

  • parrots
  • honeyeaters
  • wrens
  • thornbills
  • grebes
  • pelicans
  • cockatoos
  • migratory Japanese Snipe.

Parrots and Bell Miners (commonly known as Bellbirds) are probably the most prominent birds.Many of the mammals in the area are active only at night, but if you arrive early or leave at dusk, you may catch a glimpse of a wallaby or kangaroo. Echidnas are also common, foraging around in the daytime looking for ants and grubs in the ground and under the bark of trees. In the Summer Green and Golden Bell-frogs may be found basking in the sun.