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Coolart’s gardens were designed in 1938 for Tom and Gertrude Luxton by David Mathews the curator of Footscray Gardens.

Trees from all around the world can be found here including the exotic Gingko from China and the majestic Blue Atlas Cedar from Algeria and Morocco.

Accessibility Information

There is a brick-paved path from the picnic area that leads to the main lawn and the herb garden. This path is one metre wide and has a maximum slope of 1 in 14.

Coolart path to garden Coolart garden access

To the left is the main lawn which is a large expanse of thick buffalo grass. There are several large shade trees and a great view of the old homestead.

Coolart garden homestead view

Coolart garden shade trees

To the right is the herb garden which is between paved areas.

Coolart herb garden

The main gravel road to the stables can be accessed from the herb garden but it is across a thick grass lawn.

Coolart herb garden access

There is a set of steps leading up to the homestead at the end of the path. There is a second set of steps up to the homestead from the main lawn.