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The Homestead lawns are the perfect location for a leisurely picnic or if you prefer, free electric barbeques are available in the picnic area.

Accessibility Information

The picnic and barbecue area at Coolart is next to the vistors centre. This grassed area has picnic tables and free electric barbecues. The tables are square with one open side allowing wheelchair users to sit front -facing at the table or to fit chairs brought by those who require back support. The tables are set on brick paving.

Coolart picnic area table

The barbecues are set on small areas paved with bricks and have a working height of 900 millimetres.

Coolart picnic area barbecue

There is a brick-paved path from the picnic area that leads to the main lawn and the herb garden. This path is one metre wide and has a maximum slope of 1 in 14.