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Corner Inlet Marine National Park

Corner Inlet Marine National Park
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This 1,550 hectare park is located to the north and east of Wilsons Promontory National Park adjacent to the southern shores of Corner Inlet.

The sheltered inlet is a pleasant setting with its low landscapes of marshes framed by the spectacular backdrop of the granite peaks of Wilsons Promontory.

This is an excellent park for boating with a number of tour operators in the area offering boat tours. Boat-based camping is available at Tin Mine Cove within Wilsons Promontory National Park.

Canoeing or kayaking is a great way to explore the park.

Corner Inlet is the most easterly and consequently the warmest, of Victoria’s large bays. The national park protects large areas of seagrass including the only extensive Posidonia australis meadow in southern Australia. Surrounding the water are low landscape marshes. The seagrass and marshes are extremely ecologically important, especially for migratory birds, and the area has been listed as part of the Corner Inlet RAMSAR site. The backdrop of the park is the granite peaks of Wilsons Promontory which creates spectacular views when exploring the park.

The extensive seagrass communities provide habitat and food for many animals. Beneath the seagrass canopy there are sponges, sea squirts, seastars, snails and crabs, including the cryptic decorator crab. You may also be lucky enough to see the charismatic dumpling squid or a venomous Blue-ringed Octopus. There are a range of fish species present including pipefish, cobblers, gobies, toadfish, globefish and leatherjackets. Larger animals include stingrays, Banjo Sharks and Southern Fiddler Rays. Wader birds and water birds are common and the site is particularly important for international migratory birds such as the Eastern Curlew.


Aboriginal Traditional Owners

Parks Victoria acknowledges the Aboriginal Traditional Owners of Victoria - including its parks and reserves. Through their cultural traditions, Aboriginal people maintain their connection to their ancestral lands and waters.

Further information is available from Aboriginal Affairs Victoria AAV and Native Title Services Victoria

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