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Great Dividing Trail

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The Great Dividing Trail (GDT) stretches along the Great Dividing Range between Bendigo, Ballarat and Bacchus March allowing walkers to savour central Victoria's combination of gold rush heritage and its natural beauty.

The Dry Diggings and Leanganook sections of the Great Dividing Trail pass through Castlemaine Diggings National Heritage Park. They offer the opportunity for short and long distance walks running the length of the park from Porcupine Ridge in the south to Specimen Gully in the north. The wallaby track passes through the Creswick Regional Park.

Time: 4 hours to Ballarat

The Great Dividing Trail takes you on an historical journey through Creswick Regional Park to Ballarat along the same paths miners walked a century ago.

Follow water races and trails marked by quartz stone, the same quartz stones that the miners used to guide their journeys when travelling at night.

Find out more about the trail that goes from Buninyong to Castelmaine. Visit for more information.