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Cape Howe Wilderness Zone

Cape Howe Wilderness Zone is part of Croajingolong National Park. It adjoins Nadgee Wilderness Area along the border between Victoria and New South Wales. The Nadgee-Howe Wilderness Area is considered to be the best representation of pre-European coastal vegetation in south eastern Australia.

At Cape Howe, and along the Wilderness Coast, sand dominated landscapes are the result of on-shore winds that build large, mobile dune systems. The rolling sand dunes of Croajingolong contrast spectacularly with the adjoining dense heaths and forest of Nadgee Nature Reserve.

The protection of flora and fauna at Cape Howe extends into the sea, where Cape Howe Marine National Park provides habitat for a mixture of cool water southern marine species and warmer water species more common in the north. Beneath a thick canopy of seaweed shelters red sea tulips, sponges, colourful sea stars and many smaller seaweeds.