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'TrailRider' all-terrain wheelchair

A Trailrider all terrain wheelchair and Sherpa volunteers are now available for park visitors with limited mobility to explore the natural beauty of the area. Volunteer Sherpas can guide the all-terrain wheelchair to places otherwise out of reach with normal wheelchairs.  A Volunteer Sherpa is a trained operator to push and pull the TrailRider chair provided for any visitors using the chair.

Karen Fankhauser is a recent visitor to use the Trailrider and Sherpa volunteer and says travelling in the TrailRider is an amazing experience. “It felt like I was bushwalking along these tracks and through the beautiful bush to places I’d never be able to go to myself. It was wonderful, and so much better than just looking at these places from afar.

The trailrider all terrain wheelchair and sherpa volunteer service is free of charge however please book a week in advance.

To book  please contact:
Phone: (03) 8427 3541