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Jells Park

With sealed paths, accessible picnic facilities and designated disabled parking and toilets, Jells Park is very suitable for visitors with limited mobility.

The Visitor Centre/restaurant building has a good accessible entry, and an open floor plan.

Jells Park was assessed for accessibility in 2012. For detailed information and photos, refer to the links below.

  • brimbank-socialscript-header.jpg

    Autism Friendly Visits Parks Victoria is working to increase the accessibility of its parks for people on the autism spectrum. The social script resources for children on the autism spectrum have been developed…

  • picnic at table - metro park

    Jells Park - Stringybark Picnic Area Accessibility information Carpark Opposite the Stringybark Picnic Area is a series of gravel parking areas. These areas have no designated disabled parking. The surface is a hard gravel road base…

  • jetty 2 -  picnic area

    Jells Park - Lake Walk Accessibility information A highlight of any visit to Jells Park is the lake. There are paths from Stringbark Picnic Area and the visitors centre leading to the lake. From the…

  • Play scape

    Jells Park - Pines Picnic Area Accessibility information Parking In this area of the park there are three small parking areas. Each contains a designated disabled parking space 3 metres in width. The surface is level…

  • family picnic at table - metro park

    Jells Park - Oak Picnic Area Accessibility information Parking The Oaks Picnic Area has three designated disabled parking spaces each 4 metres wide. One space is near the entrance to the carpark and there are two…