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Jells Park - Lake Walk

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Accessibility information

A highlight of any visit to Jells Park is the lake. There are paths from Stringbark Picnic Area and the visitors centre leading to the lake.

From the visitors centre there is a short 20 metre section with a slope of approximately 1 in 10. The left hand path gives a constant slope down to the lake trail. The slope of this path has a maximum gradient of 1 in 15. The path is asphalt, wide and smooth. It is 390 metres down to the lake trail.

Jetty 1

A right hand turn takes you another 240 metres to Jetty 1.

Jetty 1 is a large wooden structure giving a great view over the lake. Fishing is permitted from this jetty. The jetty is timber planted with the gap between the planks being less than 13 mimilletres. There is level access to the Lake Trail. The Jetty has a non solid edging allowing viewing from any height.

Jetty 2

The path continues to the right to Jetty 2.

Jetty 2 is a further 420 metres along the same standard asphalt path. This section is level. The path turns to gravel at Jetty 2.

Jetty 2 is a small structure but still has large areas to accommodate visitors using wheelchairs.

There is a large picnic area which is level and grassed. It contains one large pavilion. The tables at either end of the pavilion are large with fixed seating on three sides. The fourth side is open with clearance under the table to allow wheelchair visitors to sit front facing at the tables.

Conservation Area

The path continues as a gravel path from this point. The surface is fine hard packed gravel and 2.7 metres wide. 250 metres further on is the conservation area. There is a pedestrian gate to the side of the main gate. The gate opens outward. The pressure required is light. There is a large opening that acts as the handle.

gravel path to conservation area gate to conservation area

Jetty 3

Jetty 3 is a further 200 metres. This is a much smaller structure and is accessed across a smooth grassed area. There is level access onto the jetty platform. There is no fishing from this jetty but it gives good views across the lake’s conservation area.


Following the left branch of the trail leads to the bird hide a further 400 metres on.

Entry to the birdhide is directly off the Lake path. It has a earthen floor with a fixed bench seat along the front of the hide with a small 1 metre wide gap at either end.

bird hide

The exit to the conservation area is a further 700 metres down the trail through a similar steel gate to the entrance.

The circuit track is approximately 2.3 kilometres around the lake with a further 800 metre return from the visitors centre starting point.