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Lake Birdhide in conservation area

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Set in the conservation zone, this bird hide allows visitors to observe the lake's birdlife.

Over 150 bird species either live in or visit the park so you are sure to see swamp hens, cormorants, herons, coots, native ducks and even the elegant pelican around the lake and in the wetlands of Jells Park. During the warmer months of the year a number of birds migrate to Jells Park from China and Japan to escape the cold winters of their homelands. They make Jells Park their home for several months of the year, and breed, rest and feed on fish and insects.

Accessibility information

Entry to the birdhide is directly off the Lake path. It has a earthen floor with a fixed bench seat along the front of the hide with a small 1 metre wide gap at either end.

bird hide - outside

bird hide