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Jells Park - Stringybark Picnic Area

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Accessibility information


Opposite the Stringybark Picnic Area is a series of gravel parking areas. These areas have no designated disabled parking. The surface is a hard gravel road base with stone sizes up to 19 millimetres. The area is level and side protection for wheelchair users can be obtained by parking between the trees.


In the centre of the open grassed area is a toilet block. It is accessed via a level asphalt path from the carpark. There is a unisex cubicle with ample maneuvering room and space beside the toilet for a wheelchair. The cubicle has a large swing door that opens inwards with a large lever type handle. The toilet is fitted with side and rear grab rails. The seat height is 420 millimetres.

Picnic Facilities

The Stringybark Picnic Area is large and grassy. The area nearest the toilet block is flat and then it slopes gently upwards past the playground to the cafe and visitors centre.

There are numerous picnic tables and wood fired barbecues in this area. The barbecues have a working height of 800 millimetres and the tables are the wooden fixed bench seat type. The table overhangs are approximately 300 millimetres.

There are newer electric barbecues with a working height of 900 millimetres near the picnic pavilion. They are operated by a small recessed push button switch. They are set on small concrete pads which are not large enough to accommodate a wheelchair.


The pavilion has tables with a large overhang at each end that would allow wheelchair users to sit at the table front facing.