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Jells East Toilet

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In the centre of the open grassed area is a toilet block. It is accessed via a level asphalt path from the carpark.

There is a unisex cubicle with ample maneuvering room and space beside the toilet for a wheelchair. The cubicle has a large swing door that opens inwards with a large lever type handle. The internal lock is a rotating type with a wing type handle.

The toilet is fitted with side and rear grab rails. The seat height is 420 millimetres.

The flush buttons are located to right of the toilet just above the grab rail and large light to operate push buttons.

The hand basin has clear space underneath it with no exposed hot water pipes. The tap is operated through a push button self timer that is light to operate. There is a push button soap dispenser. The cubicle contains a bin. There is a large mirror that begins at 500 millimetres above the floor.

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