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Some parks currently have closures due to fire activity.

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Culture and heritage

Bittern Reservoir was built in the 1920s as an off-stream water storage, supplied by pipeline from Melbourne’s metropolitan catchments. Building of the Devilbend Reservoir began in 1956 with farmland being compulsorily acquired for the purpose of water supply. Premier Bolte opened the reservoir on 28 January 1965.

In the late 1990s, a new water supply pipeline from Cardinia Reservoir to Pearcedale was commissioned, providing sufficient capacity to meet demand and making redundant the need to store water in Devilbend and Bittern Reservoirs. In 2000-2001, Melbourne Water removed Devilbend and Bittern Reservoirs from the water supply network and initiated a master planning process to consider options for the future use of the land and water bodies.

In September 2006, most of Devilbend was transferred to the Crown and the Minister announced that the area would be reserved as a Natural Features Reserve under the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978; and subsequently the future planning and ongoing management of the reserve was transferred to Parks Victoria at that time.