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The park includes Victoria's largest stand of cool temperate rainforest, dominated by southern sassafras and black oliveberry. The plateau's tall wet eucalypt forests of shining gum and cut-tail include some giant specimens many hundreds of years old. These species occur in some areas over an understorey of rainforest, forming a mixed forest which is rare in mainland Australia.

The park's diverse array of vegetation types includes 15 ecological vegetation classes, supporting more than 600 plant species. One of those is the mountain plum pine which occurs in tree form and is unique to the Errinundra Plateau.


Mature trees provide hollows for the Greater Glider and Yellow-Bellied Glider as well as the Boobook and Powerful Owl. The forests provide habitat for some animals considered rare, endangered or vulnerable including the Long-Footed Potoroo, Sooty Owl and Jervis Bay tree frog.