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Bunga Arm


The Bunga Arm section of Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park was formed over many thousands of years when sand, deposited by the sea, built up by a barrier between the original bay (now Lake Victoria) and the ocean.

The Bunga Arm abounds with birdlife. Many shorebirds, including the Little Tern, Fairy Tern and Hooded Plover breed and roost in the area.

Access is by boat only. Jetties are located at Ocean Grange and Steamer Landing. Boats can be landed on the beach along the length of the arm. Please use the mooring posts provided or anchor boats to the sand, rather than tying boats to the trees. Dogs are not permitted.

Advance bookings and payment are required year round. Bookings for the summer peak summer period open on the 6th October each year and are limited to a 3 week maximum stay. For more information visit the peak season application page.

There are seven campgrounds located in the Bunga Arm, each containing six to twelve marked and numbered campsites. All campsites are unpowered.

Non-flush toilets are provided at each campground. Communal picnic tables and fireplaces are also provided.

Only allowed in designated fireplaces – supply your own wood.

No fresh water is available – please supply your own.

Campfire guidelines

  • Light fires only in the fireplaces provided or use a portable camping stove instead
  • Ensure fires are never left unattended and are completely out before you leave
  • During summer and autumn Total Fire Bans are common - this means no open fires can be lit
  • For information on Total Fire Bans call the Victorian Bushfire Information Line on 1800 240 667