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'TrailRider' all-terrain wheelchair

A Trailrider all-terrain wheelchair and Sherpa Volunteers are now available for park visitors with limited mobility to explore the natural beauty of the area.

Volunteer Sherpas can guide the all-terrain wheelchair to places otherwise out of reach with normal wheelchairs.  A Volunteer Sherpa is a trained operator to push and pull the TrailRider chair provided for any visitors using the chair.

The Grampians has two TrailRiders available for visitors and both of these chairs are fitted with electric motors to assist operators on steeper sections of track. Passengers must wear a helmet.

All-terrain wheelchair in the Grampians

Dr. David Stratton, a Trail Rider advocate and user, says travelling in the TrailRider is an amazing experience: “The TrailRider offered the prospect for wild places being open to people like me who cannot walk. It allows you to get to wild places and experience so much more in nature, allowing you to see the flowers and the animals.  It gives you a psychological and mental boost to be able to get to these places”.

The TrailRider all-terrain wheelchair and Volunteer Sherpa service is free of charge however please book a week in advance.

To book the TrailRider please contact Brambuk – The National Park and Cultural Centre on (03) 8427 2058.

To book a Volunteer Sherpa please contact the Volunteer Sherpa Coordinator on (03) 8427 3541 or