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Brambuk the National Park and Cultural Centre

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Accessibility Information

Access to the visitors centre is via the curb cut at the pedestrian crossing. The forecourt provides easy access into the centre and wheelchairs are available for guest use.

Brambuk forecourt
The forecourt of Brambuk

The interior displays provide easy access for wheelchair users. The area is open with a hard wooden floor. The cafe and gift shop also provide good access.

Interior displays at Brambuk
Wheelchairs gain easy access to displays

The outside deck provides access to the cafe but the garden edge of the deck has no protection barrier or raised edging. The drop of the deck is about 600 millimetres. Caution should be exercised by wheelchair users and the visually impaired.

Outside deck at Brambuk
There is a drop from the garden edge of the deck

The outside display area is well laid out with ample room to view the exhibits. The displays can be read from wheelchair height.

Outside displays at Brambuk
Brambuk's outside displays

The cultural centre can accessed from the deck and outdoor display area. For wheelchairs a ramp is provided directly opposite the rear door and a set of steps from the outdoor display area.

Ramp access to Brambuk
Ramp with tactile marker

These steps do not have any tactile markers.

Steps outside display area
Steps with no tactile markers

From the lower courtyard a path leads across the river to the cultural centre. The best wheelchair access is available by following the path to the back of the building where there is a level and wide entrance door.

Rear entrance door at Brambuk
The wide and level entrance at the rear of the building

The surface of the main path to the Cultural Centre is asphalt, however the section over the river is rough stone paving which requires caution for wheelchair users with small front casters.

Path from lower courtyard at Brambuk
Stone paving on the path to the Cultural Centre

The interior design of the cultural centre is quite unique with a spiral central ramp giving barrier free access to all areas and exhibits. The lower section around the fireplace is stone and the upper levels polished wooden boards. Rest level sections are provided as is a handrail.

Interior of Brambuk  Lower interior at Brambuk
The interior of Brambuk


The Wetland Loop and Fyan's Creek Loop

The Wetland Loop is a short trail around Brambuk and the small wetland nearby. The Wetland Loop trail is fine, hard-packed gravel and is a good track for people of all abilities.

The Fyan's Creek Loop starts at Brambuk and is longer and has a set of steps at its end back at the cultural centre.

Wetland Loop and Fyans Creek Loop
The Wetland Loop and Fyan's Creek Loop