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Try one of the following day walks in the popular northern section of the park.

Always wear sturdy footwear. For longer walks remember to pack a snack, water and a jacket. Be ready for sudden changes in the weather and always let someone know before you go.

Please be aware that limited phone reception is available within the park.

Mt Zero

Distance: 2.8 km return
Time: 1 - 1½ hours
Grade: medium
Start: Mt Zero Picnic Area

From the picnic area, carefully cross the Halls Gap-Mt Zero Road and track markers will guide you up the rocky hillside. Near the top of the ridge the track becomes steeper to rock steps that lead up to the summit. Enjoy views of Mt Stapylton and the surrounding Wimmera plains. Return by the same route.

Mt Stapylton

Distance: 4.6 km return
Time: 2 - 2½ hours
Grade: hard
Start: Mt Zero Picnic Area

This walk, suitable for fit and energetic walkers and can involve slippery track surfaces, rock hopping and rock scrambling. Signs and track markers guide the way up the steep rock slope of Flat Rock to a splendid vantage point overlooking a natural amphitheatre. The track descends to the base of Taipan Wall before continuing along rock terraces to an intersection. Follow signs and track markers to the final steep ascent. The view from the summit is spectacular, taking in much of the park and surrounding plains. Return by the same route.

Hollow Mountain

Distance: 2.2km return
Time: 1-1½ hours
Grade: 3 Short steep hills, formed track some obstacles, many steps.
Start: Hollow Mountain Carpark

This walk is suitable for fit and energetic walkers and can involve slippery track surfaces, rock hopping and rock scrambling. From the car park, follow the sign-posted gravel track as it climbs gradually through a wide open gully surrounded by rocky cliffs. Once on rock, the track climbs steeply over rocky ledges and past wind scoured caverns to a rocky summit which offers views over Mt Stapylton Amphitheatre and the Wimmera Plains. Return by the same route.

Gulgurn Manja (Aboriginal Art Site)

Distance: 1km return
Time: 20-40minutes
Grade: 2 Gentle Hills, formed track, occasional steps
Start: Hollow Mountain Car park

Follow the sign-posted track from the car park as it gently winds its way up through Stringybark forest to arrive at a large rocky shelter. The shelter means ‘hands of young people’. Return by the same route.

Fish Falls

Distance: 4.6 km return
Time: 2 hours
Grade: medium
Start: Zumsteins Picnic Ground

A lovely walk to a small waterfall that flows all year round on the MacKenzie River. The track from Zumsteins will take you to the terraced base of Fish Falls.

MacKenzie Falls River Walk

Distance: 7km
Time: 2-3 hours
Grade: Medium
Start: Zumsteins Picnic Ground

Follow the track to Fish Falls where the track becomes steeper, meandering through a large gorge beside the river to the base of MacKenzie Falls.

MacKenzie Falls

Distance: 2km
Time: 1 hour 20 minutes
Start: MacKenzie Falls Carpark

An easy stroll from the MackKenzie Falls carpark leads to a viewing platform overlooking the picturesque Broken Falls. To reach the base of MacKenzie Falls, follow the signs. Take care as this walk has many steps and is steep, slippery and strenuous in sections. Return the same route. Alternatively you can take the easy stroll to view MacKenzie Falls from Bluff Lookout. From the main walking track intersection turn right past the permanent toilets. Return via the same track.

Beehive Falls

Distance: 2.8 km return
Time: 1-1½ hours
Grade: Medium
Start: Beehive Carpark

A short walk follows Mud Hut Creek upstream to a series of rock steps to Beehive Falls. A lovely small waterfall with surrounding rock pools. Return the same route.

Mackenzie/Bun-nah trail

Distance: 10.5 km one-way
Time: 2-3 hours
Grade: Medium
Start: Zumsteins Picnic Area or halfway point at Cooinda Burrong Road

The 10.5km Mackenzie River/Bun-nah Trail takes up where the original ‘Back Track’ left off 100-years-ago when it was a route for walkers, horses, carriages, and wagon teams into the Central Grampians Ranges. Today, the route has been developed into a trail for visitors to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Grampians and learn about its history as they travel between Zumsteins Picnic Area and Wartook Valley.

The one-way trail can be approached from either Zumsteins picnic area or Wartook, or you can access the track at approximately the halfway point at Cooinda Burrong/Dad and Dave Weir. During the winter/wetter months the track is subject to standing water/ flooding and best avoided during those times.

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