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Aire River (west) Camp Area

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Accessibility information

Access is via Horden Vale Road, Horden Vale. This road is narrow in sections and not suitable for large buses.


Campground facilities include designated camping sites with fireplaces and hotplates, pit toilets and taps providing limited tank water.


The Aire River campground has a range of campsites located on the west side of Aire River and within a short walking distance from the river. Most sites are on open, level, grassed areas with no or limited shade. Some sites have a designated fireplace with a hotplate and picnic tables.

aire river west - campground (1) 

aire river west - campground (2) 

The majority of the campsites are accessible as they are on level ground, although the picnic tables are not well suited for wheelchairs.

There are some campsites within 40 metres of the toilets.

There is vehicle parking very close to the campsites, on level ground with a compacted gravel surface. Access to the toilets is either via the service road or via a compacted gavel path.

The best access to the beach for wheelchairs and strollers is via the boat ramp located within walking distance from the campground.

Toilet facilities

There are several standard toilet cubicles and a unisex accessible toilet servicing the campground. These can be accessed by the campground service road or by a level compacted gravel path leading from some of the campsites. Drop off parking is available within 30 metres of the toilets if needed. The last 25 metres of the path is on a gradual slope of approximately 1:14. 

aire river west - view down to campground 

aire river west - toilet block 

The entrance to the toilet cubicle is approximately 870mm wide with an inward swinging door. The door has a turnstile locking mechanism.There is ample room for manoeuvrability in the cubicle and there are two types of toilet roll dispensers. Railing is on the right side of the cubicle wall and extends behind the toilet. The cubicle also has a bench seat.

aire river west - toilet cubicle 

The vanity basin is outside the toilet cubicles and is accessible for wheelchairs. It has a knob handle cold water tap and a stainless steel mirror.

aire river west - hand basin for toilets 

Other information

There is no mains power in this toilet or on the campground. Water for camp use can be accessed from a tap connected to the rainwater tank at the carpark next to the toilets.

The ocean beach is not accessible from the campground by wheelchair or by vehicle.