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Shelly Beach

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Short walk

Shelly Beach is one of many beautiful places in the Great Otway National Park to picnic.

Shelly Beach Circuit Walk

Distance: 2.4km circuit

This is a great short walk. Starting at the Shelly Beach Picnic Area the track traverses through fern gullies, coastal scrub, along Shelly Beach and across rocky platforms to Elliot River. Return through a majestic stand of blue gums inhabited by koalas and nocturnal Yellow-bellied Gliders.

Only walk the coastal route during low tides and calm seas.

Accessibility information

Access is via Elliot River Road, Marengo.


The Shelly Beach Picnic Area consists of several picnic tables, an information shelter and a unisex pit toilet. There are no barbecues.


There is parking for approximately 15 standard size vehicles and no designated disabled car parking bays. The carpark is relatively flat with a surface of compacted small crushed rock. This site is not recommended for large buses or caravans.

shelley beach - parking area 

Picnic area

There are several picnic tables located in the picnic area that are within 20 metres of the carpark. The paths leading from the carpark to the picnic tables and information shelter are on reasonably level ground and have a compacted surface of medium to small crushed rock. The paths are around 1 metre wide in most sections.

The picnic tables have limited underneath space at the ends for wheelchairs. The design of the picnic tables require visitors to step over the bench seat supports to sit at the tables.

shelley beach - picnic tables 

The information shelter is located on reasonably level ground and can be viewed up close if required.

shelley beach - picnic table & info shelter


There is a unisex accessible pit toilet located approximately 25 metres from the carpark. The path leading from the carpark down to the toilets has a gradient of approximately 1:14 in some sections.

shelley beach - path to toilets 

shelley beach - toilet block 

The toilet has an outward swinging door with an internal bolt latch. There is grab railing on the inside of the door making it easier to close the door. The toilet is on a concrete slab and there is grab railing on the back and left side wall of the toilet.  The cubicle has a reasonable amount of room for manoeuvrability i.e. 1.8 metres wide and 1.6 metres deep.

shelley beach - toilet cubicle 

There are no taps at the toilets or in the picnic area.

Shelly Beach

The path from the picnic area down to Shelly beach is very steep in sections and has steps. It is not suitable for wheelchairs or strollers.