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Notley picnic area

Notley picnic area has picnic tables, fireplaces and toilets. Bring your own firewood and drinking water.

Accessibility Information

Access to Notley picnic area and campground is from Neilborough Road. The road is unsealed and is suitable for two wheel drive vehicles and vehicles towing campers and caravans.

Car Parking

There are no designated parking bays but the parking areas can accommodate vehicles with camper trailers/caravans and small buses. The parking areas are on level ground with a compacted gravel surface. Vehicles can park close to the camping sites to allow easy access. There are no designated disabled parking bays.

Visitor facilities

Notley picnic area has picnic tables in a variety of sites around the designated camping areas and designated day visitor areas. Most of these have been installed in the middle of the camp ground behind cable fencing to protect the vegetation and these have designated entrances.

Notley picnic area - picnic table

Many of the picnic tables are designed for visitors in wheelchairs and are only a few metres away from car parking areas. Access to these is over a flat surface consisting of grass and compacted earth. Solid fuel barbecues, located close to the picnic areas, are also easily accessed.

Notley picnic area - barbecue

There are a range of unmarked campsites to choose from which are relatively close to the toilet and picnic facilities. Campsites that provide significant shade during the day are quite limited.  The camp sites are on reasonably level ground and most are quite easy for visitors with mobility limitations to access.

Notley picnic area - campground

The campsites have no power and are best suited for visitors camping in tents or camper trailers.

Notley picnic area - campground picnic table


There are two separate unisex pit toilets at Notley picnic area. They have standard-sized cubicles and are located approximately 60 metres from the campground carpark. Access is via a compacted gravel path. The toilets are situated on a raised earthen mound, which creates a short slope at the end of the path of a gradient approximately 1:12.

Notley picnic area - toilets

There is no toilet paper or water for hand washing provided.

Notley picnic area - toilet cubicle