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A detailed assessment of accessibility was completed in 2012 of:

  • Blue Wren Picnic Area
  • The Pines Picnic Area
  • Brodies Lake Picnic Area
  • Ironbark Picnic Area

For more information about the accessibility of these areas and photos, refer to the links below.

  • Ironbark picnic area rotunda

    Ironbark Picnic Area Accessibility Information Ironbark picnic area is a small picnic area at the top of the hill along the entrance road. There is a small, level, asphalt parking area but there…

  • Pines fixed bench picnic table

    The Pines Picnic Area Accessibility Information The Pines picnic area has two large, flat, grassed areas on both sides of the carpark. These areas have numerous picnic tables, two pavilions and good views over…

  • Brodies Lakes

    Brodies Lakes Picnic Area Accessibility Information Brodie's Lakes picnic area is near the exit to Greenvale Reservoir Park and has two picturesque lakes and a parking area. The parking area has a large, flat,…