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Ironbark Picnic Area

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Accessibility Information

Ironbark picnic area is a small picnic area at the top of the hill along the entrance road. There is a small, level, asphalt parking area but there are no designated disabled parking spaces.

Ironbark picnic area carpark

There is a level grassed area serviced by a hard-packed, fine gravel path.

Ironbark picnic area path

The picnic area contains an electric barbecue with a working height of 900 millimetres and one standard, fixed-bench seat picnic table. The table overhangs are 225 millimetres. The barbecue is operated by a recessed push-button switch. While the action is light, finger dexterity is required to operate the switch.

Ironbark picnic area barbecue

There is a small rotunda next to the carpark.

Ironbark picnic area rotunda