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River Red Gum Parks Management Plan

River Red Gum Plan

River Red Gum Parks Management Plan released July 2018

The River Red Gum Parks Management Plan outlines the management of more than 100 parks and reserves covering more than 215 000 ha along the Murray, Goulburn and Ovens river corridors between Wodonga and the South Australian border. They include Gunbower, Hattah–Kulkyne, Lower Goulburn and Warby–Ovens national parks; part of Murray–Sunset National Park; Leaghur State Park; Gadsen Bend, Kings Billabong, Murray–Kulkyne and Nyah–Vinifera parks; the proposed Murray River Park; and Shepparton and Kerang regional parks. This plan does not encompass Barmah National Park and most of Murray–Sunset National Park, which will be covered in a Joint Management Plan and a Mallee Parks Management Plan respectively.

The enjoyment derived from various recreational activities such as swimming, camping, walking, fishing and boating depends in large measure on maintaining and protecting the park and riverine landscape. The plan focuses on protecting and enhancing the outstanding natural and cultural values of the parks and reserves while allowing for recreation and tourism compatible with the protection of those values. It recognises the benefits of a landscape-scale approach for managing water allocations, threatened species, pest plants and animals, fire, recreation and tourism for the parks and reserves.

The aspirations and responsibilities of Traditional Owners and their relationship to Country are key considerations in the management of the River Red Gum Parks. This plan respects the relationships that Traditional Owners and the broader community have with the parks and reserves, and seeks to strengthen these connections through participation in the management of the parks and reserves.

The plan recognises the importance of active and evidence-based adaptive management, and the need to improve our understanding of the parks through shared scientific, cultural and local community knowledge.

Importantly, the plan also adheres to the policy directions provided in the Victorian Government’s response to the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council’s River Red Gum Forests Investigation, Final Report, July 2008 (VEAC 2008).

In developing the plan, Parks Victoria consulted widely with a range of interested community and stakeholder groups and individuals. The contribution of the groups and individuals who attended the community open houses and provided comments is much appreciated. The plan recognises the vital contributions and participation that Traditional Owners and the community make to park management, and seeks to strengthen Parks Victoria’s relationships with community members.

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Maps of Zoning and Visitor Experience Areas

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River Red Gum Parks Management Plan Questions and Answers

Printed copies of the plan may be obtained from:

  • Parks Victoria Information Centre, Level 10, 535 Bourke Street, Melbourne
  • or phone 13 19 63.