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Mt Franklin

  • The facilities at Mt Franklin are relatively old.
  • The summit of the mountain can be reached by car for views of the surrounding area. These views may be partially obstructed by vegetation growth.
  • There is no accessible toilet facility, and the path leading to the existing toilet is very steep.

Sailors Falls

  • At Sailors Falls there are no designated accessible facilities, but the site is relatively flat and you can see the falls without a significant walk from the picnic facilities.
  • There is a shelter over the barbecue area.

Tipperary Springs

  • Tipperary Springs has picnic tables unsuitable for wheelchair users, and low fireplaces. It is close to the riverbank, and is an open area.
  • There are some uneven surfaces and low obstacles.
  • The designated toilet does not meet current access standards.
  • All-terrain wheelchair An all terrain wheelchair called a TrailRider is available for park visitors with mobility difficulties and this chair is owned and managed by the Hepburn Shire Council. For more information…