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Mt Franklin Reserve

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Mt Franklin is a small volcanic crater that offers ideal place for a picnic or basic camping set amongst plantings of huge conifers and deciduous trees that create an exotic atmosphere. Also known as Lalgambook by the Djadja Wurrung people, Mt Franklin offers fine views on the approach to the summit.

Mount Franklin is a fine example of a breached scoria cone. The breach, through which the road now enters the crater, is thought to have been caused by a flow of lava breaking through the crater rim. Lava from Mount Franklin and other volcanoes in the area filled valleys and buried the goldbearing streams that became the renowned ‘deep leads’ of the gold mining era.

You can camp for short stays at Mt Franklin which is also suitable for caravans and motor homes on a first come first served basis. No fees apply. Toilets, fireplaces and washing water are provided.

Camping is also available in caravan parks in Daylesford and Hepburn Springs adjacent to the park.