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Tipperary Walking Track

The track runs from picturesque Lake Daylesford to the Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve, following Sailors Creek and Spring Creek through foothill forest for most of the way. The 16km track can be walked in five to six hours, is mostly level to gently undulating and is quite easy walking.

This track is not for bikes or horses.

If you don't wish to walk the whole length of the track, try a shorter walk. Between Lake Daylesford and Bryces Flat, there is track on both sided of Sailors Creek allowing for loop walks of various lengths.

The times quoted below are for one way, at a moderate pace without rests. They are intended as a guide only.

Lake Daylesford - Twin Bridges

1.3km - 20 minutes

Start at the Central Springs Reserve at the outlet of Lake Daylesford. On you way sample the Central, Hardhills and Sutton springs and then pick up the narrow track that follows Wombat Creek. Cross the footbridge near the carpark to return to Lake Daylesford. If you want to continue to Twin Bridges picnic area take care when crossing the highway.

Twin Bridges - Tipperary Spring

2.3km - 40 minutes

Begin at the Twin Bridges picnic area and cross the footbridge or follow the track along the road embankment. Both tracks follow Sailors Creek to Tipperary Springs where the spring can be found near the footbridge. Cross the footbridge to return to Twin Bridges.

Tipperary Springs - Bryces Flat

3.3km - 1 hour

The walk to Bryces Flat can be undertaken by crossing the footbridge at Tipperary Springs, climbing the short set of steps, and following the track signs. Alternatively, follow the track near the toilet block along the east side of Sailors Creek to Bryces Flat.

Bryces Flat - The Blowhole

1.7km - 30 minutes

Cross the footbridge at Bryces Flat picnic area and follow the signs. Take care when crossing Bald Hill Road and then continue on to The Blowhole. View the diversion tunnel and undertake the short loop walks while you are there.

The Blowhole - Breakneck Gorge

3.1km - 1 hour

Begin near the carpark and follow the track into the drier northern section of the park. Pass close to the Hepburn Recreation Reserve before leaving Sailors Creek to followSpring Creek. Take care when crossing the Newstead Road bridge that spans Breakneck Gorge.

Breakneck Gorge - Golden Spring

2.2km - 40 minutes

Follow the track on the north side of the bridge back towards Hepburn Springs. Take the short detour down to Liberty Spring and Spring Creek (mineral water is not available here). Return to the main track and continue on to Golden Spring to sample the water.

Golden Spring - Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve (via Jacksons Lookout)

2.8km - 50 minutes

Start at the end of Golden Spring Avenue and follow the track beside Womens Gully before climbing through the foothills to the Hepburn - Castlemaine Road. Cross the road with care and make the short detour to Jacksons Lookout. Splendid panoramic views are offered from the tower. Retrace your footstps to the walking track and continue on to the reserve.

Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve - Argyle Spring

1.4km - 25 minutes

The walk starts from the reserve carpark or from Wyuna Spring. Follow Argyle Gully past Mother Goose mine. Return via the same track.