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Vegetation on the island consists of a few remnants of indigenous riparian forest and grassland communities, as well as native and exotic species that have been planted over the past 60 years. The earlier plantings are mainly around the perimeter of the island, while more recently, the central flat areas and silt mounds have been planted, since the dumping of silt stopped.

Other dominant vegetation on the island includes Silver Wattle (Acacia dealbata), Manna Gum (Eucalyptus viminalis) and Southern Mahogany (botryoides). Wallaby and Spear Grass, Chocolate and Bulbine Lilies, Everlastings, Billy Buttons and Hoary Sunray create the colour and texture of the garden.


Birds are abundant and varied and occupy a broad range of vegetation types. Those commonly seen include:

  • honeyeaters
  • Willie Wagtails
  • cormorants
  • kookaburras
  • magpies
  • wattlebirds
  • White-faced Herons.

Waterbirds that shelter and forage within the reeds include Pacific Black Ducks, Dusky Moorhens and Maned Ducks.