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The bird hide is about half way around the lake on the Lake Trail .

The path to the hide is entered through a wide gate. The gate is locked with a wire loop around the top of the pole. Removing the wire loop and opening the gate would require finger dexterity and the ability to lift ones arms about 1.2 metres. The gate is light to open.

gate to bird hide

The first part of the path is asphalt and the last section is gravel.

There is a picnic table, of the square open sided design, at the transition point between the asphalt and gravel. The table has a good view over the lake back to the main carpark areas.

picnic table at bird hide


Entry to the bird hide is through a wire door with a sliding latch. Again finger dexterity is required to open the latch.

entrance to bird hide

The door is wide and the floor level with the gravel path leading to it. There is a second opening to pass through before entering the hide and this opening is only 750 millimetres wide.

internal door in bird hide

The hide is large with plenty of maneuvering room. At the far end there is a bench that is approximately 300 millimetres wide but there is no wheelchair cut out in the wall behind.