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The park is home to almost 600 native plant species, over 40 native mammal and 90 native bird species.


Most of Kinglake National Park has a cover of eucalypt forest. You will notice many of the trees showing a green flush of new growth along their trunks following the fire. Grass trees have sent up their tall flowering spikes and tree ferns are bright with new growth. Gradually other species will regerminate including wattles, bush peas, cassinias, heath, tussock grass and orchids.

The Andrews Hill section of the Wombelano Block is a great place to see the regeneration of the forest. Here you will be able to observe the sprouting and flowering of the grass trees along with other heath species.


A number of birds and mammals can again be seen in the forest. Lyrebirds are out gathering food and wallabies are feeding on the fresh new shoots.