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There are five major vegetation communities in the park. 

  • The floodplains of Outlet Creek and the lake support an open woodland of Black Box and River Red Gum.
  • Pine-Buloke woodland occurs on the sand ridge around Lake Albacutya. This community has suffered from grazing and timber harvesting.
  • Mallee vegetation, consisting mostly of multi-stemmed mallee eucalypts, is found mainly on the western side of the lake.
  •  Heathland on the dry infertile sands to the north and west of the lake includes guinea flowers, Desert Banksia, tea-tree and she-oaks.
  •  When the lake bed is dry, it is colonised in places by the rare Green Saltbush (Atriplex australasica) and the almost endemic Three Nerve Wattle (Acacia trinura).

Since 1983, Park staff and volunteers have planted thousands of trees. Many eroding sand dunes have been stabilised as part of a continuing revegetation program.


Large numbers of water birds can be seen when there is water in the lake. Common birds in the red gum community include:

  • the Red-rumped Parrot
  • White-plumed Honeyeater
  • Striated Pardalote
  • Tree Martin
  • Regent Parrot.

Emus and Western Grey Kangaroos frequent the open areas.