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Medium walk / Day walk
Short walk

Enjoy gentle lakeside walks from the camping areas or take a longer hike and explore some of the more remote and picturesque areas. Most longer walks are of moderate to steep grade, better suited to the cooler months. Distances are one way. Estimated times do not include breaks.

Devil Cove to Lakeside Track

3.5km, 45 minutes

A gentle, shady track follows the edge of the lake, connecting all camping and day visitor areas.

Candlebark Gully and Perfect Cure Creek Nature Trails

2km circuits, 40 minutes

These short, self-guided trails introduce the park’s natural features and history. They incorporate a variety of forest types and include remains from the gold mining era.

Wallaby Bay Track

Cook Point - 2.5km, 40 minutes

School Point - 7km, 2 hours

This gentle, shady walk follows the lake edge and gives access to these delightful scenic points. For a strenuous return, link into Cook Point, School Point or Merlo’s Lookout walking tracks. These walks begin along Keg Spur Track, with an initial steep climb up to High Camp.

Cook Point

5km, 1.5 hours

From High Camp, the walk heads east along Blowhard Spur to the Summit, providing views from one of the Fraser areas highest points. The track gradually descends through light forest to Wallaby Bay Track. A gentle walk takes you out to the point.

School Point

4.6km, 2 hours

This track descends sharply north from Blowhard Spur (800m past High Camp) down Devass Gully Track. An easy 1km walk leads to School Point along the Wallaby Bay Track.

Merlo's Lookout

3.6 km, 1.25 hours

From Blowhard Summit, the track descends steeply to Merlo’s Lookout.

Devil River Track to Skyline Rd

2.8km, 45 mins

This delightful forest walk winds through a moist gully and follows the old park entrance road.

Estate Spur Track

Point Mibus or Lakeside - 3 km, 1 hour

Bedrock Creek - 2.2 km, 45 mins

From the information shelter, the track climbs to the top of the hill and intersects the main spur. To the left, the track is open and undulating giving expansive views and descends to Point Mibus or Lakeside. To the right, the track becomes well shaded and descends to Bedrock Creek and Bolte Bay Track. Return along Bolte Bay Track for a pleasant lake walk.