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Lake Hindmarsh is fringed by old deep-rooted River Red Gums which, further from the lake edge, merge into woodlands of Black Box, Yellow Gum and Slender Cypress-pine.

  • Lake Hindmarsh also contains some vulnerable plant species including:
  • Salt Paperbark (Melaleuca halmaturorum)
  • Three-nerve Wattle (Acacia trineura)
  • Coast Bitter-bush (Adriana quadripartita- pubescent form)
  • Button Rush (Lipocarpha microcephala)
  • Red Bird's-foot Trefoil (Lotus cruentus)
  • Six-point Arrowgrass (Triglochin hexagonum).


Lake Hindmarsh is a haven for waterbirds, being home to breeding colonies of pelicans and Pied Cormorants.

The dry woodlands host a variety of other birds including significant species such as the Regent Parrot, Bush Thick-knee and Gilbert's Whistler.