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Culture and heritage

The Langwarrin Military Reserve was established in 1886 and used for various activities by the Victorian colonial defence forces.

During World War I German prisoners of war were detained at the reserve and a hospital was set up for the treatment of soldiers returning from France and Egypt with venereal disease. Developments included many buildings, a rifle range, roads, water storage and distribution systems and an extensive drainage system. Most of the buildings were removed soon after World War I and although the area was rarely used by the Army, the area was retained by the Commonwealth because of its strategic value. About half the reserve was cleared to establish pasture for military horses and grazing leases were issued between 1908 and 1945. A hall, sheds and an oval were built for local community recreation activities.

All the buildings are now gone. Evidence of past use includes earthworks, drainage and foundations and changes in the pattern of vegetation following regrowth after clearing.