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Parks affected by fire

Some parks currently have closures due to fire activity.

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Flooding is essential for the continued health of the black box communities. The optimum frequency and duration is considered to be once every 4 to 10 years with flooding occurring in the winter - spring months. Excess flooding regimes appear to favour River Red Gum and lignum but can lead to the death of black box.

The park has numerous small floodways and channels which flow during the wetter months and enter Lake Meran to the north reducing long term water detention times.

The park also contains a small stand of white cypress pine - buloke woodland.


The open woodlands and seasonal wetlands support fauna typical of dry habitats as well as wetland fauna such as waterbirds and amphibians.

The great egret and the grey-crowned babbler, both listed as threatened, are among the 95 native bird species that have been recorded in the park.