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Brimbank Picnic Area B


Enjoy a picnic in pleasant surrounds.

Gas barbecues, picnic tables and toilets are provided.

Accessibility Information

Picnic Area B is located approximately 500 metres from Picnic Area A. There is a large car park that accommodates approximately 120 cars for this picnic area. There are two designated disabled parking bays which are designed for rear disembarking. These are located a few metres from the toilet block which services Picnic Area B. The toilet block consists of designated men’s and women’s toilets and a separate unisex accessible toilet. 

Picnic area B carpark Picnic area B toilets

There is 50 metre sealed path behind the toilet block that leads down to the lawn area where the picnic tables and smaller children’s playground are located.  The path has a gradient of approximately 1:14 and the track surface is crumbly in sections.

Picnic area B start of walk Picnic area B path to playground

There is a second accessible path that leads down to the picnic area located at the other end of the car park in the Maribyrnong River direction. The picnic tables are located on an open grass area and some picnic tables are located under rotundas.

Picnic area B path gradient Picnic area B uneven path sections

There are also gas barbeques located near some of the picnic tables.

Picnic area B grassed area tables 

There are more picnic tables on the other side of the carpark. They are located under a long shelter and there is a gas barbecue. These are very close to the carpark making them easy to access for wheelchairs and strollers.

Picnic area B long shelter 1 access Picnic area B gas barbecue shelter