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Long walk / Multi day walk

Mitchell River Walking Track

18km one way

This walk is best completed in two days, though  for energetic walkers it can be completed in a day.

The walk starts at Angusvale and broadly follows the Mitchell River as it winds its way down the gorge. There are spectacular views from the river to the top of the gorge top.

Please take time to plan your walk and always let someone know your trip intentions.

Old Weir Site (Glenaladale Weir)

Located at the end of Old Weir Track off Weir Lane, a short walk takes you to a lookout that offers views of what remains of the Old Weir Site.

The ruins of the Glenaladale Weir, constructed in 1881 are located at the junction of Stony Creek and the Mitchell River. Stone for the weir was quarried from the western side of the river. Between 1891 and 1894 the weir was substantially damaged by floods and has never been repaired.